Why a Lofted Driver Can Add Valuable Distance for Golfers Sixty and Over

When it comes to equipment choices, most golfers watch the PGA Tour and what equipment they are playing to decide what they should play. Unfortunately, using this method is similar to watching a Formula One race and deciding what your daily driving car should be.

The average PGA Tour Professional hits their drive 294 yards. The average young golfer in his twenties hits his driver some 240 yards. Research shows a decline of about ten yards per decade to where golfers over 60 struggle to achieve an average drive distance of 200 yards. And underwriting this drop in distance is a corresponding decline in swing speed with most over sixty golfers averaging around 80mph give or take 5mph.

For mature golfers that are losing distance, the most important changes to their equipment and swings involve increasing ball flight. When you swing 120 mph, the speed of the golf ball alone creates lift so players use less loft and stiffer shafts. This is the opposite of what an older player needs.

As our swing speed decreases below 85 mph, the most important changes you can make to your equipment are to increase the loft angle of your driver: 9, or 10, to 12-13 degrees, and change out to a lighter more flexible shaft. These two simple changes will result in faster, higher, and longer drives providing a fountain of youth boost to your game. The higher arc can defy gravity longer and enable a longer overall trajectory and greater overall distance.

Mature golfers over sixty represent forty percent of all rounds played but too often the golfing industry takes a one-size-fits-all approach that is ill suited for this important avid golfer sector.

If you want to really improve your game, there is no substitute for regular practice and solid ball striking. But these is also no excuse for not using the equipment that is best suited for your game. Start with taking a good look at a more lofted driver as suggested above at www.foresixty.com and other reputable sites and see if your score doesn’t drop by a few strokes.

Gene Parente is Founder and President of Golf Laboratories and a Fore! Sixty Advisor. He can be reached at gparente@golflabs.com