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Fore!Sixty is all about helping golfers sixty and over lower their score and derive the utmost satisfaction out of this most amazing and yet often frustrating of athletic endeavors. The two founders of Fore! Sixty felt there was a real need for such a dedicated online community because though golfers 60+ represent over 40% of all rounds played, golf marketing overall is very much skewed to a younger audience. 


Older golfers often have to deal with aches and pains and a lack of flexibility that creates its own unique challenges. We have slower swing speeds, and don't hit as far as we used to. Addressing these issues head on can help us to mitigate them more effectively.


Our goal is to make Fore! Sixty the preferred destination for golfers over sixty with great deals on a select group of age relevant golf products and helpful instructional videos, podcasts and newsletters. 


This is a labor of love and we welcome you to help us evolve each and every day


Jim and Ralph

A collection of curated products for golfers over 60

Fore! Sixty offers one chosen product for each of a dozen or so golf categories. Our  in-depth curation process is based on the following selection criteria:


  • Has unique features suitable for the game of golfers 60+

  • Is easy and intuitive to use 

  • Offers a superior value based on the equation of V= Quality/Price


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